Hey, I'm Dan

Feeling fed up with the 9 to 5 rat race, I began looking for extra income possibilities and was overwhelmed with all the information out there.

It seemed like everyone had the magic formula for success and glory.

Unfortunately, I had to learn that it’s rarely as easy as advertised. That’s the reason for this website. I want to help you by sharing my journey from a confused opportunity-seeker until today, an online marketer that’s actually making my dream life come true!

My journey toward Digital Marketing

My life took a pretty (for me) unexpected turn back in 2018. I found myself in a middle of a divorce with my wife that whom I had spent almost 10 years. We have two fantastic children together and all of a sudden I will only see them every other week. I was down and it felt terrible in all possible ways.

As we all know time heals all wounds and a year or so later I was in better shape with it all. But that’s when a new struggle came to me. I felt stressed ALL THE TIME.

As you may recognize having a 9 to 5 job is far from perfect when wanting to spend the time with the kids, enjoy life again be single during the weeks I wasn’t with the kids, and all the other activities I wanted to do.

I knew then and there I was on a mission. I had to change this somehow. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but staying in the rat race was gonna be worse!

So I began my search, checking out videos of self-claimed gurus of drop shipping, wizards of crypto, FBA experts and the list goes on…

I even enrolled in some courses and I remember this Drop Shipping training. I was feeling super pumped soon to realize it had too many weak points and was not for me. (But I do know some people are killing it with Drop Shipping, just not me…)

I have always believed in getting the proper education when pursuing something. It’s a lot easier studying what someone else has done and learning from their mistakes and so on. So I kept looking.

The business idea that really got to me was Affiliate Marketing. To me, it makes so much sense that- I, as a freelancer can promote products I love and make a buck or two doing it!

The possibilities seemed endless and it’s a lot more than just a side hustle, it’s a true business opportunity!

And guess what, I eventually found that education I was looking for (you can check it out here), and today I feel freer than ever and my business is making it possible for me to enjoy the life I want to live.

I hope you find my blog and resource page of help on your journey!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or thoughts, I am here to support you.

All the best,


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